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We offer advice about Santa Suit and Santa Costume Rentals. What is the level of quality of the typical Santa Suit Rental? How much should you expect to pay for a Santa Costume Rental? Where do you find a good Santa Suit Rental?
We often hear the question "Is it better to find a Santa Suit Rental or buy a Santa Claus Suit?" The first thing to consider is the level of quality Santa Outfit offered as a Santa Costume Rental. Most costume shops use the Regency Santa Suit Costume for their rentals. The price of buying this model at is $105.99 for the standard size. The cost of renting a Regency Santa Suit ranges from $55 to $75, depending on where your live. A popular California costume shop charges $75 for the rental of this Santa Suit, not including the beard, wig or belly padding. On the other hand, a costume shop in Iowa charges only $55 including the beard and wig but not the belly padding.
regency santa suit costume
Regency Santa Suit Costume

Why do some costume shops include the Santa Beard and Wig while others do not offer this accessory with the Santa Suit Rental? The main reason is hygiene. Many people are turned off by the fact that someone else has had the beard on their face and the wig on their head. So, costume shops sometimes exclude them from their rentals and sell the Santa Beards and Wigs separately. If your rental includes a Santa Beard and Wig, itís probably some version of the Deluxe Santa Beard and Wig, something washable with a nice appearance. However, we have heard about some Santa Suit Rentals with a non-washable Economy Santa Beard and Wig. Be sure to ask about the beard and wig when renting a Santa Outfit.
deluxe santa beard and wig
Deluxe Santa Beard Wig

Another issue to consider with Santa Suit Rentals is whether or not the rental price includes a Santa Belly. The Santa Belly Padding is often donned by average size people to achieve the jolly, round appearance of Santa Claus. Costume Shops often charge an additional $10 to $15 for the rental of a santa belly pad. This compares to the $27.99 cost of buying a really nice one from
santa belly padding
Santa Belly

So, what is the bottom line? If you are planning on having more than a few appearances in a Santa Suit, youíre probably better off purchasing a Santa Claus Suit. If you only need to make a single appearance as Santa Claus, finding a nice Santa Costume Rental is a better alternative. If you decide to purchase a Santa Suit, please read our Santa Suit Buying Guide to find the most appropriate Santa Suit and Santa Costume Accessories for your event. 800-560-2319
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