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The Majestic Santa Suit Costume is the ultimate ensemble for the professional Santa Claus. This Santa Suit has a truly authentic look from the rich burgundy color, the thick pile-plush and the exquisite stitching. The Majestic Suit will endure many seasons of good little boys and girls, and even some of those rotten apples.
majestic santa suit costume

Majestic Santa Suit Costume

  • Rich burgundy, thick pile-plush jacket with satin lining, long-hair faux rabbit fur trim, front zipper, belt loops and inside front pocket.
  • Rich burgundy, thick pile-plush pants with satin-lining and side pockets.
  • Rich burgundy, thick pile-plush hat with satin lining, long-hair faux rabbit fur trim and pom pom.
  • Black Naugahyde belt with texas-size decorative etched gold color metal belt buckle.
  • Black Naugahyde boot covers with long-hair faux rabbit fur trim.
  • White nylon gloves.
  • Beard and wig not included.
Buy $449.99SH9591, size 44-48
Buy $499.99SH9596, size 50-56
Buy $549.99SH9598, size 58-62
Our Honest Opinion
The Majestic Santa Suit is what Santa Claus wears. This Santa Costume has everything: the rich burgundy color, the thick pile-plush material, the all day comfort of the satin-lining, the large decorative etched belt buckle, the long-hair faux rabbit hair trim and the Naugahyde boot covers. Once you wear this costume, you will believe that you are Santa Claus. Keep in mind that the Majestic Santa Suit is designed with ample room so that the jacket will drape well in photos and not be confining or uncomfortable when sitting with children. Slender Santas may find this style overwhelming for their body type.

If you're undecided between the Majestic Santa Suit and the Professional Santa Suit, focus on the thickness of the pile-plush. The principal difference between these Santa Suits is the extra thickness of the pile-plush in the Majestic Santa Suit that gives a majestic appearance.

The Majestic Santa Suit is produced by Halco, the premier makers of Santa Suits in the world. They have been featured in movies, television shows and commercials. The Majestic Santa Suits had been sewn in Pennsylvania for 60 years but Halco modified production in 2008 to remain competitive. The design, patterns, fabrics and colors are still developed in America but the sewing now takes place in China. Each year, the Halco team leaves Pennsylvania and takes residence in China to oversee the sewing. This guarantees the highest quality Santa Suits.
Majestic Santa Suit Sizing
How do you choose the perfect fitting Majestic Santa Suit Costume? Measure your chest with a sewing measuring tape. If you'll be wearing Belly Padding, add 8 inches to this number. Compare to our sizes: 44-48, 50-56, 58-62 and 64-70.

The actual measurements for the Majestic Santa Suit Costume jacket and pants are the following:

40-48 (Large): 66" Chest on jacket and 30-48" waist on pants.
50-56 (X-Large): 72" Chest on jacket and 40-52" waist on pants.
58-62 (XX-Large): 78" Chest on jacket and 48-58" waist on pants.
Real Santas wearing the Majestic Santa Suit
majestic santa suit with baby girl
majestic santa suit mrs claus
majestic santa suit studio photo
majestic santa suit sleeping santa
majestic santa suit with girl
majestic santa suit on sailboat
majestic santa suit sleeping santa
majestic santa suit with girl

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