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Santa Suit and Costume Buying Guide

Our comprehensive buying guide will help you find the right Santa Claus Suit and Santa Costume Accessories to create the perfect Santa Outfit for Christmas. We provide detailed information about the different Santa Suits and offer advice about Santa Beards, Santa Wigs, Santa Eyebrows, Santa Belly Padding, Santa Bags, Santa Belts and Santa Boots.

Santa Claus Suits and Costumes has one goal: simplify the process of finding a great Santa Claus Suit. Each year, we review the Santa Suits and Costumes produced by apparel companies in North America, Europe and Asia. We select the best Santa Suits at each price level. This saves our customers the hassle of choosing between dozens of nearly identical costumes sewn by different companies at about the same price.

Our Professional Santa Suits and Majestic Santa Suits are produced by Halco, the premier makers of Santa Suits in the world. Their Santa Suits have been featured in movies, television shows and commercials. The design, patterns, fabrics and colors are developed in America but the sewing takes place in China. Each year, the Halco team leaves Pennsylvania and takes residence in China to oversee the sewing. This guarantees the highest quality Santa Suits. Other apparel companies have Santa Suits with the names Professional and Majestic but we do not sell them because the quality concerns do not justify the nominal savings. Our entry level Santa Suits are designed and sewn in southeast asia, primarily in Taiwan and China. They are nice Santa Suits for the money.
For family celebrations or one-day events, you may want to consider the Economy Santa Suit Costume. Although you'll only be fooling the youngest children with this fleece Santa Costume, some folks have donned this model once per year for a few years in a row with their young children or grandchildren. As with all of our Santa Suits, you will need to purchase the beard and wig separately. Most people who select this costume choose the Economy Beard and Wig but some choose the Deluxe model.

The Velour Santa Suit Costume is often chosen by someone who prefers the price of the Economy Santa Suit but needs something with a more engaging presentation. It has a more capable appearance but the velour is rather thin, foregoing that jolly round Santa Claus style. The majority of the people who select this costume choose the Economy Santa Beard and Wig or the Deluxe model.

The Regency Santa Suit Costume is a very popular Santa Outfit. Most costume shops use this model for their Santa Suit Rentals. If you plan on wearing a Santa Suit more than just a couple of times or want to fool all of the children, this is the Santa Outfit for you. The jacket, pants and hat are plush, providing that jolly round appearance, and it has thick faux rabbit fur trim. The only caveat is that this Santa Suit does not have the expensive silky lining of the Professional and Majestic suits. Someone with sensitive skin may want to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants under their costume to prevent chafing. Nevertheless, considering that you would spend $40 - $60 to rent this Santa Outfit at most costume shops, you’ll save money after just a few Santa Claus appearances. The Santa Claus wearing this outfit often choose the Deluxe Santa Beard and Wig or the Professional model.

The Velvet Santa Suit Costume satisfies people with unique situations. Some Santa Claus simply prefer the style and appearance of velvet. Others want something professional in appearance without the heavy plush material because they live in warmer climates. Velvet fabric does have a unique style and is much lighter and cooler than plush material. We recommend that the Santa Claus donning this outfit wear Santa Belly Padding because the velvet fabric generally doesn’t give that jolly, plump appearance by itself. Most people choose the Professional Beard and Wig for this Santa Outfit.

The Professional Santa Suit Costume satisfies the needs of the Santa Claus who will make numerous appearances during the season or who will need an authentic looking Santa Outfit. The jacket, pants and hat are pile-plush, which is thicker than the plush material of the Regency Santa Suits. The faux rabbit fur trim is long hair, not short hair like the Regency Santa Costumes. The stitching and craftsmanship of the Professional Santa Suit is substantially better than that of the Regency model as well. Most important, this outfit has a comfortable satin lining for all day comfort. On caveat is that the bright red color doesn’t appeal to everyone. Keep in mind that the Professional Santa Suit is designed with ample room so that the jacket will drape well in photos and not be confining or uncomfortable when sitting with children. The Professional Beard and Wig is commonly bought with this Santa Outfit.

The Majestic Santa Suit Costume is what Santa Claus wears. The rich, burgundy color immediately distinguishes this Santa Outfit from all of the other models but perhaps the most important difference is the extra thick pile-plush material which has a higher density of fibers than any of the other Santa Suits. The additional thickness produces the truly majestic appearance. The stitching is beautiful and the belt has a giant texas-size buckle with decorative etching. The person wearing this Santa Suit will believe he or she is Santa Claus. Keep in mind that the Majestic Santa Suit is designed with ample room so that the jacket will drape well in photos and not be confining or uncomfortable when sitting with children. We recommend the Professional Santa Beard and Wig for this outfit.

Helpful Santa Suit and Costume Information

Our Santa Suits do not include beards or wigs. Why? Some Santa Claus have natural beards and others already own a Santa Beard or Wig. If we included beards and wigs with the Santa Suits, these folks would be paying for something that they didn’t need. Plus, our experience has shown that people have different preferences for beards and wigs. One person may want the features of a Professional Santa Beard and Wig while others are satisfied with the features of the Deluxe model. If each Santa Suit had a pre-selected beard and wig, our customers would not be able to choose the best model for their needs. We let each person select the accessories that he or she prefers.

What is the best way to care for your Santa Suit or Costume? Please see our Santa Suit Costume Cleaning and Care guidelines to keep your Santa Outfit in the best possible condition.

Santa Beards and Wigs

As with our Santa Suits, each year we review the Santa Beards and Wigs made by the major wig manufacturers and select the best ones at each price level. This saves our customers the trouble of choosing between dozens of different models.

The characteristics that determine the appearance of the Santa Beard and Wig are the strength, color and texture of the fibers or hair. The good Santa Beard and Wigs have strong fibers that allow for multiple washings while retaining their shape and appearance. The next consideration in choosing a Santa Beard and Wig is the color. The less expensive models are bright white – a color easily created by adding bleach in the manufacturing process – while the ones with natural colors are more realistic but expensive to produce. The last consideration is the texture of the fibers. For something truly lifelike, the fibers must be soft, supple and silky – like real hair. This quality is only achieved with the Kanekalon fibers.

The Economy Santa Beard and Wig is the basic model. It is not washable and may only last about half dozen uses, but it's better than wearing nothing. The Deluxe Santa Beard and Wig has stronger, washable fibers and a more realistic appearance but the color is white. The Professional Santa Beard and Wig is made of strong, washable fibers with a great style and natural color. This should endure many appearances with the proper care. The Authentic Santa Beard and Wig most closely resembles the appearance of Santa Claus with the warm, natural color and silky, lifelike feel of the Kanekalon fibers.

Santa Eyebrows

Wearing Santa Eyebrows or coloring your existing eyebrows white is recommended for the serious Santa Claus with naturally dark hair. Your Santa Outfit will seem slightly askew if your eyebrows do not match your wig or beard. One solution is the Santa Eyebrow Stick. This essentially colors your existing eyebrows but takes some skill to achieve a nice result. Another option is to wear faux eyebrows. The Authentic Santa Eyebrows have a nice appearance but they require Spirit Gum and Remover to attach and remove. Another option that we have not investigated but you may want to try is makeup counter of your local department store.

Santa Belly Padding

The Santa Belly Padding is great for achieving a jolly round belly. We prefer the pre-filled Santa Belly Pad for the appearance and ease, but some people prefer the Santa Belly Pouch which has a kangaroo style pouch that allows for a custom stuffing.

Santa Toy Bags

Santa Toy Bags are nice for carrying the children’s gifts. Some Professional Santa Claus have custom tailored ones but the Plush Santa Bag and Velvet Santa Bag are great for soft toys like stuffed animals and gifts with rounded edges.

Santa Boots

The Professional Santa Boots have a nice authentic appearance but some people find the sizing awkward. Also, they are not designed for pounding the pavement. Rather, the Professional Santa Boots are recommended as nice, decorative accessories for the Santa Claus taking photos at the mall.

Santa Belts

Most people buy Santa Belts as replacements for worn out ones. The standard Leather Santa Belt is sufficient but the decoratively etched model is beautiful, albeit pricey. 800-560-2319
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