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Santa Beard and Santa Wig Sets

We feature Santa Beard and Wig Sets ranging from entry level whiskers to Professional Santa Beards and Wigs. The Economy Santa Beard and Wig is a good choice for the occasional Santa Claus. For longer term assignments requiring a more durable, washable beard and wig, consider the Deluxe Santa Beard and Wig. The Professional Santa Claus will need something with a great appearance and durable, washable fibers that will endure significant wear such as the Professional Santa Beard and Wig. For something truly lifelike, the Authentic Santa Beard and Wig most closely resembles the appearance of Santa Claus with the warm, natural color and silky, authentic feel of the Kanekalon fibers.

economy santa beard wig
Economy Beard Wig Set
The Economy Santa Beard and Wig Set is not washable and may only last about half dozen uses, but it's much better than wearing nothing.

deluxe santa beard wig
Deluxe Beard Wig Set
The Deluxe Santa Beard and Wig Set is washable and more realistic than the basic model but doesn't quite have the appearance of the more expensive models.
professional santa beard wig
Professional Beard Wig Set
The Professional Santa Beard and Wig Set has strong, washable fibers that should continue in appearance for many seasons with the proper care.

authentic santa beard wig
Authentic Beard Wig Set
The Authentic Santa Beard and Wig Set most closely resembles Santa Claus with the warm, natural color and silky, lifelike feel of the Kanekalon fibers.

Economy Mrs. Santa Wig
This is a basic Mrs. Santa wig made of polyester fibers.  This wig is not washable and generally lasts less than a full season.
  (The hat is not included.)
Out of Stock
Deluxe Mrs. Santa Wig
This elegantly designed Mrs. Santa Wig is washable and and will last many seasons with the proper care.

Saint Nicholas Beard Wig
The Saint Nicholas Beard and Wig Set has unique wavy fiber patterns giving this Santa Beard the look and appearance of Saint Nicholas. This set is washable.
  (The hat is not included.)

Santa Beard and Santa Wig Information

What are the differences between the Santa Beard and Wig Sets?

The primary difference between the Santa Beards and Wigs is the fiber or ‘hair’. The good Santa Beard and Wigs have strong fibers that allow for multiple washings while retaining their shape and appearance. Another consideration is the color. The less expensive Santa Beard and Wig Sets are bright white – a color easily created by adding bleach in the manufacturing process – while the ones with natural colors are more realistic but expensive to produce. The final difference is the texture of the fibers. For something truly lifelike, the fibers must be soft, supple and silky – like real hair. This quality is only achieved with the Kanekalon fibers.

How do I clean my Santa Beard and Santa Wig?

Before cleaning your Santa Beard or Santa Wig, verify which model you have. The Economy Beard and Wig Set is not designed for washing. To clean the Deluxe Santa Beard or the Professional Santa Beard, just follow a few steps. Gently brush the wig to remove particles. Hand wash in cold water with wig soap, baby shampoo or mild soap. Rinse in cold water. Remove excess water but do not squeeze or twist. Blotting with a towel may help. Let dry on a tall, slender object so that air will circulate though the wig. Never blow dry or put in a clothes dryer. Once completely dry, shape with your hands or gently brush to style.

Why are the Santa Beards and Santa Wigs sold separately?

Our Santa Suits do not include beards or wigs. Why? Some Santa Claus have natural beards and others already own a Santa Beard or Wig. If we included beards and wigs with the Santa Suits, these folks would be paying for something that they didn’t need. Plus, our experience has shown that people have different preferences for beards and wigs. One person may want the features of a Professional Santa Beard and Wig while others are satisfied with the features of the Deluxe model. If each Santa Suit had a pre-selected beard and wig, our customers would not be able to choose the best model for their needs. We let each person select the accessories that he or she prefers. 800-560-2319
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