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The Mascot Easter Bunny Costume is a plush Rabbit Costume for Easter egg hunts with children of all ages. It's a very nice Mascot Easter Bunny Costume.
mascot easter bunny costume

Mascot Easter Bunny Costume

  • One piece white plush Bunny Costume with a zipper in the back and a pink pom pom on the back for a tail.
  • Mascot Easter Bunny Costume Headpiece.
  • Removable foam vest with tie-strings for neck and waist and matching bow-tie with elastic band.
  • Half plush and half cloth mittens for the hands and plush shoe covers for the feet.
  • Measurements: 48" chest, 50" waist and 60" shoulder to ankle length.
Buy $109.99SR1630
Our Honest Opinion
The Mascot Easter Bunny Costume is a nice Rabbit Costume made of plush. The plush material is a little thinner than the pile-plush on the more expensive Bunny Costumes and the cloth on the palms of the gloves is relatively thin, but it's a very nice Mascot Easter Bunny Costume at a great price. 800-560-2319
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