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The Christmas Elf Costume has soft velour fabric and stylish leggings. It's a nice companion Christmas Outfit for the Santa Claus wearing a Professional Santa Suit.
christmas elf costume

Christmas Elf Costume

  • One-size unisex green and red felt tunic trimmed with a gold collar and cuffs.
  • Stylish tights, matching elf hat, black foam belt and foam shoe covers.
  • Measurements (Size M): 44" chest, 44" waist and 36" tunic length.
  • Measurements (Size L): 48" chest, 48" waist and 38" tunic length.
Buy $54.99SC1554M, size M
Buy $54.99SC1554L, size L
Our Honest Opinion
The Christmas Elf Costume has a stylish appearance but the black foam belt and shoe covers will not last more than a few apperances. Even so, it's a nice looking companion outfit for the gentle elves who own a black belt and black shoes to wear as replacements for the foam ones in this costume.
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