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The Cheap Plush Santa Suit Costume is nice for craft shows and kiwanas type club events requiring a more realistic Santa Claus Costume.
cheap plush santa suit costume

Cheap Plush Santa Suit Costume

  • Red plush jacket with nylon lining and fake white fur trim, front zipper and belt loops.
  • Red plush pants with side pockets.
  • Red plush hat with nylon lining, fake white fur trim and pom pom.
  • Black vinyl belt with gold color metal belt buckle.
  • Black vinyl boot covers with fake white fur trim.
  • Thin white nylon gloves.
  • Very small areas of white fur may have a light pinkish hue.
  • Beard and wig not included.
Buy $64.99SR23330, size 40-48
Buy $69.99SR23331, size 50-54
Buy $74.99SR23334, size 58-60
Our Honest Opinion
The plush fabric on the Cheap Plush Santa Suit Costume is thinner, less plush than a professional looking Santa Suit. The fake white fur trim has a ruffled appearance and may have very small areas (smaller than a dime) with a light pinkish hue. This isn't the most polished looking Plush Santa Suit but you'll save $36 over the professional looking Regency Plush Santa Suit.

Target sells this identical Plush Santa Suit (SR23330) for $69.99, as verified on November 11, 2010. Walmart sells this identical Plush Santa Suit (SR23330) for $68.54, as verified on November 11, 2010
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