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The Bunny Rabbit Costume is a professional quality white plush Rabbit Costume available in three sizes. This is the Bunny Costume for the person who requires the best quality, pile plush Rabbit Costume for Easter in a traditional white style.
bunny rabbit costume

Bunny Rabbit Costume

  • One piece white pile plush Bunny Rabbit Costume with a zipper in the back, pink belly in front and 1 pink pom pom on the back for a tail.
  • Open face hood has a velcro closure under the chin and pink lined floppy ears.
  • Pile plush mittens for the hands and shoe covers for the feet.
  • SH1092: 44" chest, 46" waist, 55" shoulder to ankle.
  • SH1093: 48" chest, 50" waist, 60" shoulder to ankle.
  • SH1094: 52" chest, 54" waist, 65" shoulder to ankle.
Buy $75.99SH1094
Buy $75.99SH1092
Buy $75.99SH1093
Our Honest Opinion
The Bunny Rabbit Costume is a professional quality Bunny Costume made of thick, fluffy pile-plush (pile-plush is thicker than the regular plush). This Bunny Rabbit Costume has thicker fur than the Easter Bunny Costume with the vest. Plus, the stitching shows excellant craftsmanship that will last for years with the proper care. 800-560-2319
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